Review: Kids Vitamins from Holland & Barrett

Recently, I was asked if we’d be interested in reviewing some children’s multivitamins from Holland and Barrett. To be completely honest, when I mentioned to my 9 year old that we were getting some vitamins for him to try out, he was not at all impressed. I’m not sure what he thought vitamins were but he was adamant that he didn’t want any!

Fast forward a few days and you can imagine his (and my) surprise when a large cardboard box arrived in the post containing these fab goodies for him (and for me!)


He’s definitely the fussiest eater out of my three kids and potatoes are probably the only vegetable he will try unless they are heavily disguised so I often wonder if he’s getting all the nutrients he needs. He was thrilled to discover that these vitamins are actually jelly sweets, and couldn’t wait to try them once he’d seen them.


He’s been taking the Jelly Bear (1-2 sweets per day) sweets now for a few weeks and I’m delighted to say that he hasn’t needed to be reminded to take them at all. He even packed them when he went away for a few days with his grandparents! He finished them a couple of days ago and has now moved on to Haliborange Fruit Softies which are proving to be just as popular.

Also included was a bag of. Also included was a bag of ChocBalls. He wasn’t keen on these at all. Now, don’t get me wrong, they are lovely little chocolate flavoured balls. He just saw the words “live bacteria” on the packet and refused to entertain them. So the teen had these instead.

I do hope, as he gets older, that he’ll be less fussy with his food. The teen didn’t eat many vegetables as a small child but developed a taste for them eventually so I’d be delighted if he followed suit. For now though, I’m happy that he is getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs. We will definitely be replacing them when these are all gone.



We were sent a selection of children’s multivitamins for the purposes of this review. All views are our own.


  1. Ann says:

    Good for you. Parents come under attack once they mention “fussy eater” in relation to a child. i always think this is very unfair There is no easy answer as any parent will tell you. So, well done you and well done H&B much better than pitched battles at the dinner table. You WILL blog in the future that you son has become less fussy about his food.

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