How To Make Pancakes


Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday or as it’s more affectionately known, Pancake Tuesday. I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I loved this day as a child because in our house it was always pancakes for dinner on Pancake Tuesday. Sprinkled with sugar. Yum! Of course, I didn’t have pancakes as often as my kids do so that’s why it was such a treat. The 8 year old would eat them every day if he could.

More traditionally, pancakes are associated with the day preceding Lent because they were a way to use up rich foods such as eggs, milk, and sugar, before the fasting season of Lent.

I don’t always fast for Lent, in previous years I’ve given up chocolate. Sometimes I’ve been successful, others not so successful. I’m determined to give it a proper go this year though because I’ve been struggling to keep away from the treats since after Christmas (as in, I was REALLY good all over Christmas then let it all go in January. I just forgot to stop!) and I really need to get a grip on things!

Here, I’ve adapted the recipe I’ve been using for years to make a small amount of pancakes, I used a small frying pan (20cm) and got 5 pancakes. I’ve used a slightly larger pan in the past and ended up with 4. To make enough pancakes I for my greedy lot, I have to double the quantities. There’s no way they’d be happy sharing 5 small pancakes!!

I used to use a lot more sugar, we’ve thankfully cut that right down because the older kids like to have toppings like mashed banana or Nutella on their pancakes. The toddler hasn’t been given that option yet, he’s just delighted to get pancakes (or Kay-Cakes as he calls them!)


120g self raising flour

20g sugar

200-250ml milk

1 egg


Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl, stir in the sugar.

Add the egg and whisk slowly.

Gradually add the milk, keep whisking to make sure there are no lumps.


Heat a little oil on a frying pan.

Use a ladle to measure some mixture and carefully pour onto the pan.

Fry until golden brown, carefully turn it over to cook the other side.

Serve hot.



  1. Fionnuala says:

    It is apity Pancake Tuesday isn’t as much of a treat as it used to be. I suppose it is our own fault for making pancakes more often than our mothers did. Lately I have been making fluffy American style pancajesso that when I make “proper” flat pancakes they will be a bit of a novelty again.
    P.S. my mother never put sugar into the pancake mixture so I don’t either.

  2. Ann says:

    What’s the difference between these and Drop Scones? My mother used to make Drop Scones for us but I cannot find a decent recipe for them! This recipe is lovely I should have said that first!

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