Honey Flapjacks

Last week I learned a valuable lesson in food blogging with a crazy 22 month old in the house. Mainly that I shouldn’t try to blog cook unless there is someone else in the house to distract him.

In the space of twenty minutes, last Monday morning, my adorable little boy:

  • Pulled the clean clothes off the radiators.
  • Chewed one of the clean tops that he’d removed from the radiator.
  • Took the sweeping brush, ran around with the sweeping brush and “swept” the floor (by swinging the sweeping brush WILDLY!)
  • Found lollies (no idea WHERE he even got them!)
  • Chewed the lollies that he’d found. With the wrappers still on.
  • Shouted. A. Lot.
  • Took my “good” camera from the table (makes mental note to not put “good” camera in reach of 22 month old) while shouting “CHEESE MAMA!”
  • Learned how to change the tv channel with the remote.
  • Opened the fridge and freezer doors (at the same time) and stood staring into both shouting “YUM YUMS”
  • Flung himself onto his ladybird toy while smirking.
moody baby 1

I do solemnly swear that I am up to no good…


Then to top it all off he actually said the phrase “Oh, ALFIE!!!” for the first time. It’s something he hears a lot!



In this photo I think he was plotting what mischief he could get up to next!

I should of course add that these are things he gets up to on a daily basis, not because I was cooking.  That’s what I get for not popping him into the playpen first though I guess.

In the interests of the blog, we ate all those flapjacks and made another batch over the weekend when the 8 year old was here to keep the toddler away! If you fancy making some of these very yummy, crazy toddler friendly (he loves them – in moderation of course!), honey flapjacks. Here’s the recipe! I’m told that they will keep for a few days in an air tight container. To be totally honest though, we’ve never had them long enough to find out…




200g unsalted butter

200g honey (weighed in saucepan)

200g soft light brown sugar

400g porridge oats



Preheat oven to 180c and line a baking tin with parchment paper.

Put the butter, honey and brown sugar into a medium saucepan and place on a low-medium heat. Stirring all the time to make sure the butter is melted and all the sugar and honey is dissolved.

Place the porridge oats in a large mixing bowl.

Pour the wet ingredients over the porridge oats and stir immediately, making sure it is all well combined.

Pour into your prepared baking tin, flatten with the back of a large spoon (making sure you get mixture into all the corners and it’s level)

Bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown around the edges but soft in the middle.

Allow to cool in the tin before slicing turning out and slicing.

Keep in an airtight container.



  1. Idaintyit says:

    hahahaha your little one sounds very similar to my son! You have to laugh though or you’ll scream lol luckily he is into baking with me now so he helps mix (at least i know what hes doing!)

  2. Becky, Cuddle Fairy says:

    lol I hate when they come out with something & you have no idea where they got it from! Our daughter arrived with a sippy cup that she must have stashed somewhere one day then found – yuck!! These flapjacks look fab, my kids would love them! Thanks for sharing your recipe x

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