How To Make Scrambled Eggs


Today marks 4 weeks since our hens arrived. What was supposed to be a family project, has fallen firmly to the feet of the 8 year old and I. First thing every morning we put on our wellies (or in my case, old trainers) and head up the garden to the coop to let our ladies out and make sure they have food and fresh water for the day. He does the food, I’m on water. It’s working out great. I’m a little less scared of them than I was when they arrived, Betsy has taken to following me around and if I stand still long enough, she tries to peck at my legs or shoes. So I have made a mental note to never wear sandals when I’m near her but also not to stand too still because I’m still a little bit wary of them all!

We are getting on average 3 eggs a day so far. That’s grand for now but there isn’t a lot of baking going on at the moment because some days all 5 of us want an egg for breakfast which doesn’t leave many left over! Some eggs have been double yolks (Betsy is responsible for these) which have caused great excitement although I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not.

Something that has been on the breakfast menu quite a lot over the past couple of weeks has been Scrambled Eggs. I originally took these photos last year when we had an abundance of eggs from The Egg Man  so they’re not actually made from “our” eggs but they were still delicious!

I’ve added a new section at the top called “Eggs” where I’ll stick all the egg related recipes in one place to make them easy to find but don’t forget I also have a recipe archive section on the right where you can find a list of all the recipes I have previously blogged listed in alphabetical order (kinda)



3-4 fresh eggs

30ml cream (or as I call it “a splash”)


Heat oil in a non stick frying pan on a medium heat (I use rapeseed oil)

Crack the eggs into a clean bowl, pour (or splash!) the cream onto them.

Whisk well.

Add salt and pepper if you wish at this stage. (I generally leave this out if I’m making scrambled eggs for the baby)

Gently pour onto your frying pan, stir gently with a wooden spoon or spatula making sure it doesn’t stick to the edges.

Take the pan off the heat JUST BEFORE you think they are cooked. They’ll look silky and undercooked but don’t worry, the heat of the pan will continue to cook the eggs.

Serve with hot buttered toast.



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