New Hens and New Books

The past seven days have been So crazy! This day last week I was complaining that I had aches and pains in my arms and legs so was sure I was coming down with a bad cold. How wrong I was! I have been house bound for the past week with a really bad stomach virus which pretty much left me feeling wiped out. It has taken until today to be able to actually do something in the house without feeling like I was going to keel over.

On Sunday, we were all supposed to go and choose our new hens but I was so sick, they all went without me. I couldn’t wait for them all to arrive home, I swear it was one of the longest mornings of my life!  Then they arrived back with these beauties…


Aren’t they only gorgeous?! There is a brown one missing from the photo but I’m sure there’ll be other pics on the blog at a later date! Our friend, the egg man, who has been helping us prepare for their arrival told us it would probably be a week or two before they’d start to lay. Just to give them time to settle in first. So you can imagine our surprise when we discovered the first egg on Tuesday, and one a day since then. Except today, there were two! I can’t even describe the excitement when the eggs were discovered. And that was just me!

As always when I’m under the weather, I plonk myself down at the laptop and have a play around with the layout on the blog. As you can see, I’ve changed it again. It still needs a little tweaking here and there but I like it for now. Another thing that occupies my time is online (window) shopping. I  rarely buy new cookbooks these days but over the past few days I’ve had an itch to buy a new book. I thought very carefully about which book I’d buy and this morning I finally decided to splash out on Food From An Irish Garden by Fiona Dillon. Of course since it took me three days to decide which book I’d get, I didn’t want to wait for delivery so I took myself into town to buy it this afternoon.

As is always the case with me, it wasn’t in stock in Eason. I walked further up the street to an independent bookstore and it wasn’t in stock there either. So I consoled myself with Book of Tea and Company (Recipes and Reflections for Every Day) from The Irish Countrywomen’s Association.

So far, I’ve only given it a quick glance and it looks fab. I’m going to make a coffee now, grab a couple of biscuits and flick through the pages while I wait for Gogglebox on the telly.

Did I mention, the nice lady in the independent bookstore has ordered Fiona’s book for me? I should have it by the middle of next week 🙂


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