Slow Cooker Turkey

I’m feeling a bit *cough* adventurous this week. Last weekend, I remembered that I have not one but two slow cookers. Gathering dust and generally feeling unloved and unused. The small one (3.5l crockpot) was used a grand total of 3 times two years ago, the other (6.5l Aldi slow cooker) hadn’t even been plugged in never mind used. I had a Pork Shoulder and lots of time last Saturday so I threw it in the larger of the two cookers and let it simmer away for the day.

Lads, I’m hooked. The pork was TO DIE FOR and my oven is STILL CLEAN (I won’t go as far as spotless because it’s not!) I am converted.

I’ve been driving them mad here all week with my new (old) obsession, googling slow cooker recipes and wowing (not really) the family with my new found knowledge. I stumbled across A Year Of Slow Cooking blog and was fascinated with her post about slow cooking a whole turkey (here). Since I have a number *cough* of turkeys in the freezer, I told everyone I was going to try it out this week and if it works I’ll do it again at Christmas.

So, as I type, the bird has been in the slow cooker for little over an hour this morning. I’m waiting VERY patiently for it to cook. Looking forward to turkey sandwiches for lunch tomorrow!

I’ll post the final verdict tomorrow but here’s how it looked an hour ago before I switched the machine on. Fingers crossed!!!


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