Slow Cooker Turkey – The Results!

So I posted yesterday that I was experimenting with a whole turkey in the slow cooker and I just KNOW you’re all dying to hear the results!

Following Stephanie’s blog post, I started with a 9.25lb frozen turkey that I made sure was completely defrosted before even contemplating putting in the slow cooker. Then, I removed the innards (yuck) and dried the bird inside and out with kitchen towel.

Stephanie placed a quartered onion and an apple inside her turkey but I didn’t have an apple so I er, improvised with a bulb of garlic halved. Then I plopped gently placed the turkey into the slow cooker. Then I took a few sprigs of fresh rosemary from the plant outside my back door that refuses to die no matter how much it is neglected (thank you at this point goes to my mum who makes a point of watering it etc when she’s visiting…) and popped them into the slow cooker before covering with the lid. I forgot about using oil, salt and pepper until nearly two hours in so left it out entirely.

As per Stephanie’s blog post, I purchased a meat thermometer in the local hardware store yesterday morning and after 3 hours cooking on high, I tested the temperature in the thigh. Stephanie states that it should read 140 degrees at this point and it did just that so we were right on target.

Fast forward another few hours (it was actually 4 more because I had to go out) and the bird was cooked perfectly. The turkey came with one of those little pop-up timer thingys which er, popped up so it was definitely cooked.

So in all, the turkey cooked on High for 7 hours and here it is all cooked…


Cooked turkey BEFORE I tried to take it out of the pot…


Unfortunately, I picked a day when himself was working late so had to manoeuvre the bird out of the pot by myself (this is usually always a team effort) and it fell apart quite spectacularly. So this last photo is only a part of it. It doesn’t look pretty but it tastes heavenly!



and AFTER I took it out of the pot!


I am DEFINITELY doing it again. Only next time I will wait for help in removing from the pot!

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