Review: Online Grocery Shopping with Tesco

A few weeks ago I was very kindly offered the chance to review Tesco’s online shopping service. Of course I jumped at the chance but with my habit of buying far too many groceries, I haven’t needed to use it for a while. With a spare hour or so last Thursday before the school run I decided I’d bite the bullet and take a look.

I have used the service once before, according to my account history that was in July 2011 so it had been a while and I was more than a little rusty. It took me most of the hour to decide what to buy, since we didn’t really need many groceries. I settled on a leg of lamb and decided to buy the kids a DVD each and a few bottles of Corona for himself amongst other things. That’ll keep them happy…

I arranged delivery for between 4pm and 6pm Friday evening when I knew we’d definitely be home and was surprised to receive a phone call shortly before 5pm letting me know that the driver was on the way and he’d be with us within 1o minutes. I jumped up and put the oven on to preheat, we were having lamb for dinner!

Sure enough, the delivery was on time. The driver carried the crates in to the kitchen and popped them on the table, which we then emptied and he returned them to the van. The boy spotted his DVD straight away and was delighted with it. Until we noticed it was still in it’s security box, as was the girl’s DVD too. The driver, in fairness to him was embarrassed and couldn’t apologise enough and insisted on returning them to the store to have the packaging removed incase we damaged the DVD if we tried to do it ourselves. He said he’d do his best to have them back with us that evening but if not it would be before 1pm the following day.

When he was gone we popped the lamb in the oven, we’re quite partial to a bit of lamb and couldn’t wait for it to cook. It was while it was cooking that I noticed the “To Pay” amount on the delivery note. It was considerably larger than the amount that had been on screen the day before when ordering. It turned out that when ordering the price of the leg of lamb was down as €9.99 EACH, however overnight it had changed to €9.91 PER KG (with the price being so good I ordered two so it turned out I was being charged €20+ for each leg. Hmmm.

I called the customer service number and spoke to a nice lady (name forgotten, sorry) who said that maybe I had read the price wrong and not noticed it was per kg. Eh, no! It’s on my printout and clearly states price of two legs of lamb to be €19.98 ALTOGETHER! She eventually said that she’d speak to the store and email me to let me know what would happen. I got an email back to say that I was being refunded €20 (despite overcharge being €23.49)  I left it at that as the stress levels were beginning to rise. Particularly with an unhappy 6 year old asking question after question about when Tesco were coming back with his DVD!

The DVDs were delivered around 11am on Saturday so peace and quiet was restored.

Not a great start with Tesco Online I’ll admit. Would I order again? I think so. I’m thinking ahead to when baby no three makes his/her appearance, it would be handy in the first couple of weeks when it’s difficult to get out and about with a newborn. I’m sure the process gets easier (quicker!) the more you use it, I’ll just keep an eye on prices etc. Oh, and maybe make a note for the pickers to remember to remove the security packaging 😉


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DISCLOSURE: provided me with a €50 voucher to test their online shopping service for review purposes. Opinions are my own.

PS The lamb was delicious!!!

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