Wild Garlic Butter Chicken

I drove myself DEMENTED last year looking for the bloody stuff. Eventually finding some growing outside a stranger’s house near Mullingar. Only a little bit mind, planted neatly in two bunches one either side of their front gate. I only stole a little bit but when I got into the car, smug as you like, a slug fell off one of the stalks and fell right inside my top. Nice. Not.

The following day, we “found” tons of the stuff growing near Enniskillen on the sides of the road. When I say near Enniskillen, it was actually *somewhere* between Enniskillen and er, Bundoran because that’s where we were going. I annoyed the hell out of himself to get him to stop the car and it’s only on the drive back when I turned into Shouty Wife that he decided he had no choice but to pull over if only for a bit of peace and quiet. We eventually stopped at the entrance to some woods which were also near Enniskillen that I can’t remember the name of, sorry! Of course when I got out of the car and walked into the woods, I stepped right into the biggest pile of dog poo in the world. I’m not sure what was worse on the drive home, the smell of garlic or the smell of poo!

Towards the end of the Wild Garlic season, we accidentally stumbled across some so near to home it was practically up the road. Isn’t that always the way?! Only I was so fed up with trying to find it, and not very nice things happening to me in the process, that I couldn’t be bothered with it anymore.

I went back there a couple of weeks  ago with my mum and she got out of the car and picked a few stalks. Well, when I say she got out, I practically put her out of the car and since we weren’t parked properly (and it’s a small country lane) I had to shout at her to get back in because there was a van coming up behind us! We went back again last week and parked properly so she got a bit more but more importantly, I got some for myself too.

I’ve been mad to try out a soda bread recipe with wild garlic since I reading Imen McDonnell’s post a couple of years ago but not only that , I’d been dying to make some Wild Garlic Butter. So I did that first…



4-5 Wild Garlic Leaves
100g Butter
1 Chicken

All you need to make Wild Garlic butter is a few Wild Garlic leaves/flowers and some butter. I used Kerrygold (real) butter because we like it and it’s yummy but you can use whatever brand you prefer.

Try and leave your butter out of the fridge for a half an hour or so before mixing (no other reason than it makes it easier to mash!)

Take a few Wild Garlic leaves (I used 4) and finely chop.

Mix together with the butter and place in a dish. Cover with cling film and refrigerate.

That’s it, it’s so simple! I used my Kenwood mini chopper (at least I think that’s what it’s called, it’s a mini food processor if that helps!) just to make sure it was all mixed properly but a machine isn’t strictly necessary.

I used a little of the Wild Garlic Butter by pushing it under the skin of a chicken before roasting for dinner that evening and it was just lovely!

Big thumbs up all round and those famous (in this house anyway..) “You can do this again, Mammy!”


  1. laura says:

    I am blessed with extraordinary amounts of wild garlic growing in the gardens, where we live. However, after a very productive first year, it has made me soooo lazy having it so close by! I missed it entirely last year & have only just managed to motivate myself this year!
    I found some golden garlic this year – and made golden garlic pesto…. it appears to be VERY similar to wild garlic – only with very pretty yellow flowers, which are slightly larger than the usual white! The pesto seems to of worked out slightly sharper – but it will be briliant with some prawns & pasta!
    I better get a wriggle on and get my butter made tonight or itll never happen!

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