Happy Pancake Tuesday!

I can’t quite believe it’s that time of year again, it doesn’t feel that long since the kids were tearing wrapping paper off their Christmas presents and yet here I am making pancakes! I have to admit, I’m not organised enough to have come up with a new pancake-y themed post this year so my poor deprived children had to make do with an old tried and tested recipe.

In my vague attempts at making it a bit er, fancier I had a go at spelling the kids names out with batter on the pan and have come to the conclusion that I need either letter shaped mould things or just forget about the letters. The boy’s was semi successful, the girl had to make do with S and A before I gave up and handed her a regular circle. Everything was eaten though, that’s the main thing!


The pancake recipe I used is here or if you fancy Buttermilk Pancakes you can find them here.

Enjoy x


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