How To Make Porridge

I swear I’ve spent the whole “summer” thinking it was Autumn (thank you Irish weather!) so now my babies have gone back to school my mind has automatically started to think that it’s winter.

The boy is obsessed with walking to school no matter what weather it is so I popped into Penneys yesterday and bought him an umbrella. Mainly because he wanted to carry mine and I was afraid I was going to lose an eye on the short walk to school. Penneys only had one boys umbrella though so although he wasn’t initially keen he was delighted that he had his own umbrella as his friends who also walk to school have their own too. Funny the way a small mind works isn’t it?!

The girl is a completely different kettle of fish. She’s not so keen on walking in the rain. She’s at the stage in life where it’s not cool to wear a jacket/coat and insists on her jumper sleeves being pushed up (to show off her many bracelets and bands etc) so this morning she borrowed my old owl print umbrella (also Penneys but SO last year dahling!)  but it wasn’t “raining enough” to actually put it up and she said she “looks silly” with sleeves down. It was bloody freezing walking this morning and I was sorry I didn’t bring a hat and gloves but then again I am, like, 100 or something 😉

Anyway, getting back to the point. I apologise in advance as I’m sure a lot of my existing readers (hello!) already know how to make porridge, some probably hate it but we here in Kitchen Towers love the stuff on a cold morning. Sets you up for the day and all that… But when the cold weather comes around I can never remember just how much oats/milk to use so this post is kind of for my own benefit!



1 cup (75g) porridge oats
2 cups (500ml) milk
white/brown sugar
fresh cream


Makes two medium portions or one large bowl.

Place the porridge oats and milk in a small/medium saucepan over a medium heat. Give it a quick stir then allow it to slowly come to the boil, stirring occasionally.

When it comes to the boil, keep stirring (so that it doesn’t stick to the pot and burn) for a further 3-5 minutes (it should thicken up)


Serving Suggestions

Sprinkle with a little sugar and a drizzle of fresh cream.

Sliced banana or strawberries.


  1. peggy says:

    oh i don’t know how irish kids do without coat! I am freezing just looking at them! Thanks for porridge recipe. I am on a mission to try and was asking on twitter too!
    Seems easy enough but when you have never made it or ate it, it’s hard to tell. Bought jumbo oats though so must go backnand get other one! Thank you

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