First Day At School and Nestle Smaller Treats


As I’ve said often, it only feels like five minutes since we brought him home from hospital yet here we were a little over two weeks ago packing my little buddy off for his first day at school! He was absolutely delighted with himself as he put on his uniform, barely able to eat his breakfast because he was so excited. He’d been quizzing his sister non stop over the past few months on what big school was going to be like, so he was now finally ready to go.

For the first day, we went in the car and met his godfather there who was dropping in his own children to school. His godmother passed away shortly before he turned 2 so we shared a look knowing how proud she would have been to see him going off to school. When he walked in, he was so full of confidence. We found his chair (his name was on the table) and he started to play with the toys that his new teacher had placed on the tables ready for her new students. He gave us a little hug and gave us permission to go home!

He was a late talker and from the age of 21 months attended speech therapy until he was finally discharged in March this year when his speech lady announced he was ready for school (cue first of many tears of pride this year!) I am so proud of all he has acheived in his short life when somedays we wondered if he would ever speak properly – if you met him now you would never believe he had any difficulties at all because he’d talk the head off you!

He was delighted last week when he came home with a sticker on his jumper that said “Well Done”, I asked him what it was for he said, “For being quiet!” I couldn’t believe it! He’s such a chatterbox!;

The day he started school, we received a little goody bag in the post from the folks at Nestlé containing some of their Smaller Treats range:

Smarties Finger Puppets – a foil pack full of mini SMARTIES. Kids can tear off the end of the pack, enjoy the sweets and then play with the finger puppet characters. There are 10 different animal characters to collect.

Rowntree’s Jelly Aliens – Each pack contains one big, soft jelly alien sweet. There are 10 aliens to try and each has two different fruity flavours running through it.

Milkybar Kid – a new fun shaped white chocolate character mould, which will replace the current MILKYBAR small product.

Animal Bar – a milk chocolate bar with the fun factor through the animal moulds and interactive packaging with puzzles inside the wrappers.

Both of these chocolate products are ideal for younger children as the solid chocolate melts easily in little mouths.

The boy opened the package as I told him it was his post for starting school and promptly tucked into an Animal Bar (licking his lips as he opened it!), we had to quickly share out the rest of the contents incase his sister wasn’t left with anything.

The ‘smaller treats’ range has been designed to appeal to kids and parents alike. Parents will love the fact each treat is from a trusted brand, contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and comes in a small portion. Children will love the variety and fun aspect of the treats.

Nestlé Consumer Marketing Manager, Maria McKenna says: “This new range sees our leading brands offer treats that mums and dads will be happy to give, with children enjoying the fun and variety they offer.”




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