New Glenisk Pure Original and a Healthy Breakfast Treat!

My kids love yogurt so you can imagine the excitement when this package from Glenisk landed on the door mat a little over a week ago! A copy of Delish by Rozanne Stevens and some vouchers to try out their new range of organic yogurts. The kids were more excited over the vouchers for free yogurts than the book (understandable really), with child #1 declaring, “I LOOOOVE Glenisk yogurts Mammy, they’re GORGEOUS!” Followed quickly by questions of when we were going to Tesco to spend them!


So what is this new range? Well, to celebrate their 25th birthday, Glenisk have launched Pure Original, a premium range of organic yogurts which contain only yogurt and fruit. Free from all things artificial and also free from sugar, they contain a beneficial probiotic culture, l.casei, to help promote digestion.

Available in the following flavours: Natural (500g) which is made simply with fresh organic milk and a probiotic culture. Both the Mango and the Blueberry (both 450g) contain a layer of fruit at the bottom of the pot with a creamy layer of natural organic yogurt on the top.

Also available is Pineapple and Mango Original which comes in a 4 x 125g multipack and contains a blend of organic yogurt mixed with delicious tropical fruits.

Glenisk Pure Original is available at a recommended retail price of €1.99 for the large pots and €2.69 for the multipack, from leading supermarkets and independent retailers for more details see here.

So far, I have had a little trouble finding them, they are not currently available in Tesco Mullingar but I am assured by Glenisk that they are on their way! I was in Tesco Athlone last week and managed to get my mitts on Natural, Mango and Blueberry so was delighted. Child #1 and I sampled the Mango flavour yesterday morning for breakfast and were a bit iffy about trying it at first as neither of us are fans of natural yogurt in general but we can both confirm that it was absolutely delicious poured over fresh fruit (see pic above!) and we will be having the same again today. I can definitely see this being added to our weekly shopping list!

I know it’s not really a recipe but for a delicious (and not to mention healthy!) breakfast why not give this a try for yourself?

All you need is:

1 Banana

1 Kiwi

Handful of strawberries

Glenisk Pure Original Mango Yogurt

Spoonful of granola (I used ready made that I picked up in Asda last month)

“The Method”

Slice the fruit into a bowl, pour the yogurt over the top & sprinkle with a little granola.

That’s it!

PS Apologies for the iphone/instagram photos, proper blogging will resume shortly…


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