Possibly The Loveliest Brown Bread Ever!

Since joining Twitter (in October 2009 I think…) I have met, both in real life and online, some lovely people altogether. I *almost* met Colette (@justcallmelette on twitter) who blogs at Cakes, Bakes and Other Bits last summer at Totally Tipp, discovering when we got home that she had been sitting only a few chairs away from us during the cookery demonstrations!

She blogged her Mam’s brown bread recipe last year (here) and being big fans of brown soda breads here at Kitchen Towers I couldn’t wait to try it out. One thing that intrigued me was that it contained fresh milk and hazelnut yogurt instead of buttermilk. I made promises that I’d bake it then of course with other stuff going on, it went out of my head. Until I read a post by English Mum recently (here) where she substituted buttermilk with greek yogurt (which I tried out this morning and confirm are gorgeous too!) which reminded me of Colette’s recipe so I looked it up, scribbled down the ingredient list and proceeded to make it.

I left it on the kitchen counter to cool while I went to town with my mum and received a phone call from himself which went along the lines of “that new brown bread is LOVELY!” High praise indeed! The same afternoon, mum and I had salad for lunch with this bread and she’s still talking about it. We even brought two loaves with us when we went camping in Achill Island a couple of weeks ago!

I adapted Colette’s recipe very slightly, purely because of ingredients I have in the house – I always have wholemeal flour and thanks to the kids’ smoothie addiction, there is always natural yogurt in the fridge so there is more chance of me remembering to buy it than hazelnut yogurt. I would still totally recommend making it to Colette’s recipe though, it’s delish!


225g self raising flour
225g wholemeal flour
1/2tsp bread soda
3/4tsp salt
125g natural yogurt
1/2pt milk
1 egg


Pre heat the oven to 150c and grease/line a loaf tin

Place the flours, bread soda and salt into a large mixing bowl.

In a separate bowl/jug whisk the milk and egg together.

Then add the milk and egg to the dry ingredients with the yogurt.

Mix it together until the dough comes together, it will be a wet dough so don’t panic, you haven’t done anything wrong!

Pour into a loaf tin and mark a line across the length of the loaf, this will help to give an even rise to the finished bread.

Bake in the centre of the oven for 45 minutes.

Leave to cool for about 5 minutes in the tin then remove onto a wire rack.


    • mammyskitchen says:

      Hi Peggy, It’s lovely bread so I definitely think you should try it, it’s lovely. Let me know how you get on!

  1. Colette says:

    Really glad you liked it. I’m always experimenting with recipes, and then again substituting when I don’t have something in partcular. Your bread turned out fab, love your pic.! :))

    • mammyskitchen says:

      It is gorgeous bread Colette, it’s already a firm favourite here (we’ve only used one sliced pan in the few weeks we’ve been eating it!) Thanks again!!

  2. Paula says:

    Hi there,
    Can I just ask a quick question, when I cooked in the oven at 150c, it wasn’t cooked through after the 45mins so I hit the temp to 180 for 15 more mins and it was grand, just wondering if you’ve cooked it at a higher heat? I might give it 45 mins at 180 next time – I love making bread, I’m always making it actually so thanks a mill for this recipe, both you and colette, its def a winner!!


    • mammyskitchen says:

      Hi Paula, thanks for the comment. The oven temp was definitely at 150c and was fine although I know some ovens can vary (mine is a fan assisted electric oven). Maybe try it at 180c the next time & let me know how you get on? Good luck!

  3. Adrienne says:

    I tried this recipe out as my husband takes half a loaf every day to work and it was costing a fortune! He was delighted with the home-made version and declared it much better all round. Will be trying the buttermilk pancakes out for the kids this week too, can’t wait: 😉

    • mammyskitchen says:

      Hi Adrienne, my husband is exactly the same and yes buying it in the shops can work out expensive. I also find that homemade bread is much more filling.

      Good luck with the pancakes, let me know how you get on!

  4. Amy says:

    Just made this tonight and was surprised at how quick and easy it was. It’s gone down well in my house so far and is most definitely lovely! Also the closest I’ve come to baking bread that tastes as good as my Aunty’s. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Ann says:

    I have used a variation on this recipe for years. I use Hazelnut Yogurt and a “scratch” of Nutmeg. Thank you for not having any form of sugar in your recipe – it’s a major hobbyhorse of mine – sugar and all its cousins in brown bread!. Some recipes are more akin to cake rather than bread. I am a very late arrival to your web site & blog, I have a lot of catching up to do. Well Done!

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