Come Dine With Low Low!

A couple of months back I was asked by the lovely folks at Low Low to cook a meal for friends in a Come Dine With Me type of setting. Basically, I was very kindly sent a voucher for my local supermarket in order to buy all the ingredients required to cook a few dishes incorporating Low Low products as well as a few recipe suggestions. Since receiving the pack in the post it has been next to impossible to get everyone in the same place to actually host the party. At one stage I thought I was going to have to deliver the food! But yesterday, my mum, a couple of friends (who are shy and don’t want to be named!) and my kids gathered around the table for a bite to eat and not to mention a glass or two of vino – the adults that is, not the kids!

Like a lot of folks after the excesses of Christmas, we have been keeping more of an eye on what we have been eating and as a result are taking more time in the supermarket when making food choices, looking for healthier varieties so we can enjoy the same meals as before but with fewer calories (and guilt?). I have used lots of the Low Low products many times before and it is good to know that their cheeses contain 1/3 less saturated fat than that of other full fat cheeses but also that their original spread contains 81% less saturated fat than butter. What some people may not know though is that the spread can also be used for baking in place of regular butter/margarine.

My kids love cheese on toast and child #2 loves cheese sandwiches so as you can imagine we get through quite a lot of cheese here so when he saw the Low Low cheese coming in the door his eyes lit up as though it were Christmas! For lunch, we decided that I’d make a batch of homemade Cheesy Burgers incorporating Low Low grated cheese into the mixture topped with a smoky rasher on a floury bap (sadly I didn’t make the bap, but it’s on my list of things to bake myself!) oh and some of us popped an extra Low Low cheese slice for Burgers on top for extra cheesiness.

For dessert I made Buttermilk Pancakes topped with fried banana and toffee sauce which contained Low Low original spread (and I will blog separately in my next post) and my guests rather kindly gave me a rating of 10 (although that might be slightly biased..) nonetheless we had a great afternoon eating and chatting and I’d like to thank Low Low for giving us the opportunity. We’ll definitely be purchasing more of their products in the future!


In a food processor, chop the onion finely then add the mince, bread crumbs, mixed herbs, salt & pepper.

Pulse until all the ingredients are combined.

Heat a small drop of oil in a pan and fry a small amount of the mixture to test for seasoning then adjust accordingly.

Shape into burgers. Press the middle of the burger in with your fingers and put some Low Low grated cheese on top. Pat it into the burger so that it is covered with the mince. Dip into the flour then fry over a medium heat until fully cooked.

Pop the cooked burger onto a toasted bap and top with a smoky rasher and a Low Low cheese slice for burgers.

Serve hot with hand cut chips.


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