Kids In The Kitchen Part Two – Killer Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Child #1 has been asking me to cook Macaroni cheese since um, well forever really. I keep telling her “we’ll have it soon” then never get around to doing it. So when Kids in The Kitchen was announced as the May cookalong theme (yes, I’m really late in posting this one) it was an obvious choice for her and she had a great time helping out grating, slicing and stirring!

The next problem was, which recipe to use as we were probably the only people on the planet who have never actually had macaroni cheese before. The first books I turn to when I’m looking for something in particular are Jamie Olivers. We feckin’ love Jamie in our house. So much so that if child #2 spots his picture in the supermarket he yells at the top of his voice, “MAMMY! THERE’S YOUR JAMIE!!!!”

If only son. If only.



Killer Mac ‘n’ Cheese is from Jamie’s America by Jamie Oliver.


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