Food Dudes

For the past couple of weeks child #1 has been taking part in the Food Dudes programme in school.  Food Dudes is a healthy eating programme that was developed by the University of Wales in Bangor to encourage kids to eat more fruit and vegetables both at home and at school.  The programme is funded by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and is managed by Bord Bia.

Each day during the programme the kids are given a pre-packed portion of fruit and vegetables (cucumber, raisins, oranges, banana, peppers or cherry tomatoes) to eat at school and are rewarded with a small prize for eating them.  Yesterday was the last day of the programme so she “won” a drinks bottle (other prizes have included a pencil case and pedometer).

It is a fantastic programme to encourage the kids to try something that they are otherwise not sure about, she discovered she does like oranges and raisins after all, she doesn’t’ like raw peppers and she still hates cherry tomatoes (oh well, you can’t win them all!) if you’d offered her oranges before this she would have refused them point blank to even try them.

Yesterday, in addition to the water bottle, she was given two fruit and vegetable containers to continue bringing in a piece of fruit and veg into school with her every day lunch which she is now looking forward to doing as they will continue to get a star on a chart for a further prize which she was told is “something really good”.

The only problem was that #2 saw the lunch boxes and presumed one of them was for him!

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